MUDII Fashion and Style

There is no killing the gele

There is no killing the headgear (gele) even with civilization. The gele is veery much part of the Yoruba woman's traditional wear especially in a formal setting like weddings and parties. Formerly just an adornment to cover the head its still is - modernisation has changed this all-important part of a woman's dressing to become a statement of fashion. Gone are the simple gele styles. Nowadays geles look more colourful, taller and wider. In fact the taller and wider, the better it is for people to talk about it for weeks on end. There are even headgear specialists who collect a small fortune just to tie a headgear in a particular style for the bride and bride's mother. Obviously the gele is not going anywhere even with civilization. The headgear (gele) is here to stay!


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