But Ali has a big hurdle to cross if he is to get the plum job. The House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee investigating the implementation of the subsidy regime indicted Ali.
Dr. Alex Ekwueme,
He was the first Vice-President of Nigeria between 1979 and 1983. He mobilized the group of 34 eminent Nigerians who risked their lives to stand up against the dictatorship of General Sani Abacha during the era of military rule in Nigeria. He was the founding chairman of the PDP and was its first Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Being a foundation member and a party loyalist, Ekwueme, the Anambra State born politician may be a serious contender for the job. But, the political arrangement within the party may cost him the post. The South-South is presently occupying the slot of the President and PDP deputy national chairman, while the South East has the deputy senate president, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and three slots in PDP National Working Committee. Though a respected voice within the party circles, it is a huge doubt if Ekwueme is still disposed to contesting for such a national assignment due to his age. Another defining factor that may work against Ekwueme would be the fact that he may not get the endorsement of either President Goodluck Jonathan or Obasanjo.
Tony Anenih
Chief Tony Anenih has remained a prominent and important figure in the affairs of the party from inception till date, playing a defining role in who gets what in the party. "The Leader" as he is fondly referred to by party faithful, would likely enjoy the support of the President if he decides to vie for the office. However, the two obstacles that could scuttle the ambition would be a likely resolution by BoT members for the office to be zoned to the northern geo-political zone and the anticipated resistance from former president Obasanjo who may not endorse Anenih's bid to be the Chairman considering that they were believed to have worked at cross purposes in the emergence of the new national chairman of the party.
Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo
Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo has once served the party as both National Secretary and National Chairman. Nwodo shares this distinguish honour with Prince Vincent Eze Ogbulafor. However, the circumstance under which he vacated these offices may not be a plus to his credibility. Though the office of the BoT chairman is open for contest for all the board members, it is doubtful if the position will still be retained in the South.
Ken Nnamani
He is a former senator who represented the party in Enugu State (2003) becoming President of the Senate in 2005. He is regarded as an astute and experience politician. During his tenure as Senate President, he was able to kill the third term ambition of President Obasanjo. He was once the Chairman, Steering Committee of PDP Reform Forum, a group that claims to be campaigning for greater internal democracy within the party. But the demands of the group have irritated the leadership of the party. He and other leaders of the group were suspended by the party. His consistent attack of PDP makes some party members to ask if Senator Ken Nnamani is still in the PDP. Obasanjo who is still a force in the PDP despite his exit as BOT chairman was said to have told the PDP leadership that he (Nnamani) should not succeed him. Obasanjo is still bitter by the way and manner Nnamani in tandem with others in the Senate then killed his third term agenda
Aminu Wali
A Kano-born party man without blemish, Aminu Wali has always played defining roles in the activities of the party. He played a vital role in the early days of the Obasanjo tenure when the National Assembly members moved to impeach then president Obasanjo. If the position is zoned the north, Ambassador Wali, given his pedigree in the party, may clinch it. However, what may work against him could be his long absence from local politicking, given the fact that he has been on Foreign Service for some years now and may have lost touch with major players in the party. Wabara, Jibrin, Ukiwe, Akande, Olajumoke, Oyedokun and George are regarded as Lilliputians by observers in the race to succeed Obasanjo as BoT chairman. The answer to the question of who succeeds Obasanjo as BoT chairman will be provided in the next couple of weeks or months by the PDP.

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