About us

Nigerian newsmagazines tend to concentrate on one specific interest – be it politics, entertainment, lifestyle etc – to the detriment of other interests in the society. Although these magazines do try to report other interests too, it is right to say their devotion to these other interests is usually insignificant when compared to the coverage given their major interest. This may be borne out of their market thrust or inclination.

African Quartz was established with four principal interests in mind: OIL & GAS, POLITICS, BUSINESS and LIFESTYLE. The magazine aims to be an integral part of the Nigerian oil & gas, politics, business and lifestyle sectors. These four sectors will be our main thrust and inclination. We want to pride ourselves as a news magazine with equal interests in all issues. As a kind of interface, African Quartz aims to prov ide top qual i t y information from all sectors and serve them HOT and FRESH to the reading public. As a monthly magazine, African Quartz promise is to bring valuable information to the market place.


African Quartz was launched with the conviction that Nigerians deserved to have a holistic view of all issues. Our aim from day one is to provide good, quality information backed by excellence printing that the industry can provide. Our editors are tried and t e s t e d p r o f e s s i o n a l s , journalists who, over time, have proved their worth in some of Nigeria's biggest and best newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Our promise to the public is to expect quality journalism from our stable.

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